Jurassic World Mod Apk Unlimited DNA – How To Get Unlimited Free DNA

Jurassic World Mod Apk Unlimited DNA:

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Jurassic World Mod Apk Unlimited DNA – How To Get Unlimited Free DNA:

Welcome to Jurassic world mod apk. Here you can get unlimited DNA. You can create a new species of dino with the help of different DNAs. To make your new creature more powerful or if you need a stronger dinosaur then you have to feed two members of same species until both of them reach to the level 10.

It will activate the ability of creation lab by which it evolves a new stronger dinosaur. In Jurassic world mod apk DNA are considered in resources. To achieve more DNA complete daily missions each day in the battle of each stage. By this, you will get cool rewards.

Different dinosaurs have advantages over each other. Each class has their own characteristics. Carnivores have the advantages over herbivores and herbivores have the advantages over pterosaurs.

Pterosaurs have the advantages over amphibians and amphibians have advantages over carnivores. All above-mentioned creatures have different DNA.

You can also sell the DNA or can place it in the lab to produce new species for your park. You have the responsibility to set up your own dinosaur park with 50 different extinct dinosaurs and make them against other players to earn exciting rewards. You can do it by achieving DNA.

How to get DNA:

You can get DNA by selling dinosaurs from their cages. To receive DNA you can sell any species from your park. For example, you can sell Triceratops for 50 DNA in a market. In the battle coliseum battle actions are available that are “Attack” and “Block”.

These battle actions allow to hit and defend. Switch your current dinosaur use “Swap” and to store your action points for later use you can use “Reserve” battle action. Some classes of dinosaurs are better than others. All classes have unique advantages. Snow creatures are better than Savannah creatures, savannah creatures are better than Cavern creatures and cavern creatures have advantages over Snow creatures.

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